INV Sigma

Flexible Endoscope

            Video Processors:

  1. EPK-i7000 High-Definition Video Processor
  2. EPK-i5000 High-Definition Video Processor.
  3. EPK 100p High Resolution Video Processor
  4. EPK p High Resolution Video Processor.

EPK-i7000 High-Definition Video Processor

§  The EPK-i7000 is the first endoscopy processor to offer Twin Mode and integrated HD recording to collect and share findings.

§  State-of-the-art HD Imaging.

§  i-scan Enhanced Visualization increase disease detection and characterization.

  • Intuitive touch screen interface. This customizable user interface allows for an efficient endoscopic workflow.
  • Save and share HD + Video
  • Simple, fast and efficient. Integrated HD + VCR to save and share your study materials in the highest quality.

EPK-i5000 High-Definition Video Processor.

§  Visibility:- Excellent white light illumination, supports fast orientation and detection of minute lesions.

§  Image quality:- HD+ images define the new standard in video endoscopy for an advanced examination.

  • Preset i-scan:-Preset i-scan Surface Enhancement (SE) and Tone Enhancement (TE) profiles can be selected at the touch of a button.

EPK 100p High Resolution Video Processor

EPK p High Resolution Video Processor.

§  Reliable functionality for routine endoscopy The EPK-p provides standard video outputs and image processing options that function well for routine endoscopy..

§  Low cost of ownership. The EPK-p utilizes a 150 watt halogen light source which is cost-effective to run, simple to maintain, and inexpensive to replace.

  • External image recording interfaceThe EPK-p features a serial interface (USB) to record still images on a computer with Endo image software installed. This convenient USB interface allows the seamless transfer of images into electronic reports and patient records.

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